In our MYSI STIK we do not have NICOTINE, (CBD) known as Cannabidiol, or (THC) known as Tetrahydrocannabinol Oil. We are pure organic derived plant extract combined with pure essential oils. There are NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING, NO CAFFINE and NO CALORIES. Our ingredients have been formulated to help the body and mind find ease.

No, through positive results as you as you draw your ‘Sleep Mysi Stik’ you want to allow these oils to reach to your olfactory glands, giving you a true Aromatherapy Experience. Once you draw in the sleep mist you’ll then expel it through the nose, but do not proceed to inhale. This will allow these oils to result in a positive way.

It is a holistic healing remedy that uses organic plant extract to form a healthy lifestyle. Aromatherapy uses savory essential oils that are proven to have a positive result on the body and mind.

Our disposable Sleep Stik has a total of 300 puffs that will last approximately 1-1.5 months. For maximum results take 30-60 minutes before sleep with 5-7 draws nightly.