Founder’s Message

Certain that being an athlete was my calling, it was quickly interrupted by physical injuries. Adapting to this new reality that was my identity for so long was stripped away. I was taught at a young age that great rewards follow adverse challenges. I definitely had my fair share of obstacles throughout my athletic career, but I have not and will not fold the hand that I was dealt. 

I went on to attend New York University to continue my education despite my physical limitations. While attending, my vision as an entrepreneur came to fruition. I took it upon myself to create a product that bundled my athletic and entrepreneurial spirits into one. I cultivated my knowledge and diligently researched organic ways to overcome my personal, physical and mental difficulties instead of reaching for western medicine. I discovered there weren't a lot of therapeutic solutions for me, as well as a lot of people that are in my same position and this is how MYSI was born.

Today, as a small business owner, I understand the challenges that many entrepreneurs face. While the obstacles we come up against in business are obviously very different, the competitive mindset remains. It is this energy that keeps me driven and focused. I will continue to give my customers the therapeutic solutions they need in order function at 100% capacity, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

- Founder & CEO

Anthony Mangano